About My Services

Hi and Welcome to my site!

I’m a 30-something female from Hull, in the North East of England, and in late 2016, after much planning and saving, I landed in Paris with my dog Willow. Along side being an independent academic and private tutor on multiple topics with study support angles, I also run my own licensed and registered tour guiding business as a tour guider around Paris at parislens.com!  In my spare time I am a writer at vigilantenation.com, with books available on vigilantism in various aspects of American life and popular culture.

You’re possibly wondering how I ended up running my own businesses from Paris in the first place. Well, I’m a strong believer in following your heart and dreams, in the first instance, and learning and sharing knowledge with others is my greatest joy in this life. I’m also fully committed to the idea that it is possible to take all of one’s accumulated skills and life experiences, and make them into something that gives one’s life greater meaning and purpose.  I think that anything is possible if you want it badly enough, and I love helping others experience fulfilling and happy moments!! Click here to find out more about my background.

About My Services

There are four main things that I do with my life, and they are all centred on helping others and striving to constantly learn and improve myself in the process. The first two are accessible via this site, here for my academic and tuition services, and here for self-help. The second two are available by simply clicking on the links, which will redirect you accordingly to my tour guiding business and radical ideas websites!

Independent Academic, Private Tuition & Study Support

My greatest passions in life revolve around learning and sharing knowledge, and that’s exactly what I do with my independent academic and private tuition services! As stated above, I found that the constraints of working within an institution were simply not for me, and find private tuition with my students much more fulfilling! It gives me the opportunity to learn and share every day, and allows me to help others reach their potential in a much more direct manner! I also offer study support services, such as proofreading, editing, and essay and writing skills development. I am relaxed, positive, confident and very friendly, and consider myself a highly approachable person; I also find I learn a lot from my students too! Visit the Private Tuition page to see what I can help you with.

Self-Help, Happiness & Personal Improvement

Like most people, I have struggled with self-doubt, depression, feelings of worthlessness, and self-sabotaging behaviours throughout the course of my life. That is, until I found some ways forward in my life towards true happiness, self-worth, and a meaningful life! With the intent to simply share my experiences and beliefs on the topic, and perhaps offer hope to others in dark places, I write articles on self-help, happiness and personal improvement, because I know that happiness is possible for anyone but only through the Self! I also write a fair bit about narcissistic recovery, cos let’s face it – we’ve all experienced toxic people at various points in our lives. You can access the articles via the Self-Help tab.

My Guided Tour Business at ParisLens Tours

The first time I visited Paris myself on holiday, I saw all the sights and things, but left feeling a bit empty, as though I had missed some really essential thing that would have allowed me to capture Paris more fully. Then, as a struggling Parisian newbie trying to find my way around, and find things to do, places to go, and reliable spots to eat, I found I needed a good resource to use. I found none, or nothing that encompassed everything I wanted to know without hours of internet research. I also landed here without any friends, and without knowing a single soul in Paris to ask for help! So I decided to use the site to help others circumnavigate the same problems I had, and provide a service through which short- or long-term visitors could also experience Paris at its fullest. So not only do I review things to do in Paris via the website, but I also draw on my extensive research skills to provide a range of unique set guided walking tours around the city, as well as tailor-made tours too!

Exploring & Challenging American Vigilantism at Vigilante Nation

Following on from my PhD focus and a module I developed for American Studies students at the University of Hull, I write about understanding and challenging America’s relationship with vigilantism. I view the topic in quite a radical way, and as a prism through which to approach and analyse various aspects of American life and identity. I do this because I have an overwhelming desire to do my part to make the world a better place, and I believe that this can only happen by understanding the forces that influence the world, and then challenging them! So I write about vigilantism in various aspects of American history, society and culture on the website, with the hope to reach and share ideas with like-minded souls.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope you will find what you are looking for, and I hope that you might return!

Best wishes,




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